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Fellow Award Recipients


 About the awards      Past Recipients

Representing the highest honour, the Fellow Award recognizes those individuals who have given exemplary and outstanding service to CPB Canada. 

Tanya Hilts, CPB, FCPB

Cloud Business Services, ON
(2023 Recipient)

Jeff Caverly, CPB, FCPB

CPB Canada, QC
(2022 Recipient)

Beverly Haggins, CPB, FCPB

HB Accounting Services, ON
(2021 Recipient)

Tracy Lampron, CPB, FCPB

Bonfire Bookkeeping, QC.
(2021 Recipient)

Laura Sellers, CPB, FCPB

Taron Consulting, ON
(2017 Recipient)

Rod Cox, CPB, FCPB

CFR Management Inc., BC
(2016 Recipient)

Colleen Hoggarth, CPB, FCPB

Security House Accounting Services Inc., BC
(2016 Recipient)

Gordon Holley, CPB, FCPB

Humanity Financial Management Inc., BC

(2015 Recipient)

Shelly Rudiger, CPB, FCPB

Leashing Your Ledgers
(2015 Recipient)

Dianne Mueller, CPB, FCPB

Soma Small Business Solutions, BC.

(2015 Recipient)

Louie Prosperi, CPB, FCPB

Strategic Clarity, ON

(2015 Recipient)

Marian Rice, CPB, FCPB

MR Bookkeeping Solutions

(2015 Recipient)

Alan Salmon, FCPB


(2015 Recipient)

Marge Wegren-Debre, CPB, FCPB

P51 Computing Strategies, AB

(2015 Recipient)


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