The CPB Canada Story

In 2007, a small group of business professionals recognized the need to address the gap in professional support for bookkeepers. They believed they could create an association that could support and unite bookkeepers across Canada and change the general perception toward the bookkeeping profession.

They founded the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC) - now known as CPB Canada – an association created by bookkeepers, for bookkeepers.

Every great idea starts with a problem!

Dianne Mueller, CPB, FCPB, Chris Hafstein, and Randall Orser were noticing a common challenge for many of their new clients. Business owners were often using bookkeepers that lacked the skills and experience required to help their clients truly understand how their business was doing. Their books were a mess and they needed business advisory support they couldn’t get from their previous bookkeeper.

An idea was born! They decided to create an association to provide professional development and support to Canadian bookkeeping professionals. The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC) was established that year and quickly grew to more than 200 members. The following years saw the dedication of many stakeholders including leadership, volunteers, and staff. This dedication helped to strengthen and grow IPBC - securing the future of our organization.

A national standard for certification

They soon realized that although professional development and support were important, a national standard that demonstrated a bookkeeper’s knowledge, skills, and experience to potential clients and employers didn’t exist.

They brought on professional bookkeeper and education consultant Marge Wegren-Debré, CPB, FCPB, a curriculum development specialist with significant expertise in the accounting industry, to help them develop a professional bookkeeping designation. The Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) movement was born!

From simple beginnings to industry leadership

Dianne Mueller’s continuous passion, vision, and dedication guided our founding members and volunteers in transforming the industry and leading the way for excellence in the bookkeeping profession.

CPB Canada is now the largest and fastest-growing professional association for bookkeepers in Canada. CPBs are defying stereotypes and are highly valued for their knowledge and expertise in the accounting profession. Now more than 1,900 members and growing, CPB Canada continues to provide support and a sense of belonging to our members - helping bookkeepers gain professional recognition in the world of accounting.

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