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Congratulations to our new CPB designated members!

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Congratulations New CPBs!

Please join us in recognizing and congratulating our 11 newest CPBs, Certified Professional Bookkeepers of April 2021:

  • Fariad Ali, CPB (BC)
  • Vicki Litzenberger, CPB (BC)
  • Cheryl Engelsman, CPB (ON)
  • Jennifer Collins, CPB (NL)
  • Chona Panes, CPB (AB)
  • Heather Fehr, CPB (BC)
  • Kimberly Yuen, CPB (BC)
  • Bea Gonzalez, CPB (BC)
  • Kim Schultz, CPB (ON)
  • Brooke Emerson, CPB (BC)
  • Mary Anitha Josephine Patrick, CPB (BC)

Not yet certified? Visit our Why Get Certified page to learn how you can gain a competitive advantage within the industry.

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