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The CPB designation is the national standard of excellence for professional bookkeepers in Canada. Increasingly in demand across the accounting industry, the CPB designation validates to employers, clients, and the general public that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience that reflect best practices and today’s industry trends.

Did you know that our certification pathway to CPB designation is available to all CPB Canada members at no additional cost (excludes CPB practice exam, certification exam, and invigilation fees)?


There are many reasons to get certified with CPB Canada

Align your learning with your career
Build professional credibility
Enhance your professional brand
Increase your visibility & value
Attract the right business opportunities
Increase your earning potential

Not yet a member of CPB Canada (legally known as IPBC)? Your journey to bookkeeping excellence starts here. Join us today

Share your achievements

Pathway levels that require evidence of knowledge, work experience, software certification, and entry tests (Apprentice, Technician, CPB) reward members with a CPB Canada digital badge of achievement! Each badge is backed by metadata detailing the requirements met for the level. This data is verified electronically and provides members, and the public, with proof that you have the knowledge expectations and experience that meet our national standard. 

Learn more about digital badges!  


What our members say

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our members:

"Achieving my CPB designation means a lot to me and gives me a great deal of confidence when meeting with prospective clients. Now more than ever, Canadian business owners need to know that their bookkeeper is qualified.  In every meeting I have with a new or potential client I explain that I am a CPB and that continuing professional development is a requirement to maintain the designation through CPB Canada.  It provides a great deal of comfort knowing they’ve hired someone who has the knowledge and skills that meet a national standard." - Heather Weiler, CPB



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