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3 Keys to Earn $100,000 with Zero Staff

November 18, 2020

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST


Are staffing issues driving you crazy? Are you committed to having staff at any cost to your personal health and financial stability? If so, this session is for you.

In mentoring many top professional bookkeepers, I have discovered that having staff is NOT the solution to earning more income and creating more freedom. Sure, you might have the income you always dreamed of, but no time to enjoy it. Wouldn’t you want both? Don’t you deserve both?

This presentation is geared for Certified CPB members, the seasoned dedicated professionals with a mature practice who know they could be earning (a lot) more and working (a lot) less but they don’t know what they could be doing differently in their practice.

This simple business model for seasoned professional bookkeepers will give you the confidence and clarity to monetize your expertise. Zero staff required. (Yes! You can have a part-time six figure practice with no staff.)

Finally create freedom in your business to enjoy time with loved ones or pursue personal passions absolutely guilt free.

Attend this session live and discover:

  • Industry advice you need to ignore if you want to earn six figures with zero staff
  • Must-have software that is critical to implement if you want to run a lucrative practice with zero staff
  • Key metrics that drive a six figure bookkeeping practice with zero staff

If you are a Certified CPB Member (or qualify for Certification but haven’t taken the test yet), and you are tired of struggling in your bookkeeping practice, join me and your fellow bookkeepers to discover 3 Keys to Earn $100,000 with Zero Staff.


About Char Hiebert, CPB

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