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The Six Figure Solo Bookkeeping Practice

October 21, 2020

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT


How would earning $100,000 a year working part-time make your life different than it is today? Think about it.

Imagine having a fun six figure practice with amazing customers and being able to choose between having 1 week off each month or taking 3-day long weekends guilt free. This possibility is available to you when you simply understand how to run your practice differently than a full-time six figure practice.

This presentation is geared for the Certified CPB members, the dedicated, seasoned professionals who already have a mature practice with a roster of thrilled customers. You know you could be earning (a lot) more and working (a lot) less but you are overwhelmed with all the industry advice (and software apps, gulp) and don’t know where to start.

You’ll discover a simple non-conventional business model that will give you the confidence and clarity to monetize your expertise and finally create time off and freedom in your business.

Attend this session live and discover:

  • What part-time six figure bookkeepers do differently than full-time six figure bookkeepers
  • The number one reason you are working too hard for too little money
  • Key metrics that drive a part-time six figure practice

If you are a Certified CPB with a mature practice and you are tired of struggling in your business this session is for you. If you want to discover a new way to create a six figure part-time bookkeeping business that supports your best life, join me and your fellow bookkeepers to discover The Six Figure Solo Bookkeeping Practice.


About Char Hiebert, CPB

Six Figure Bookkeeper, led by Char Hiebert, is a community and set of tools and resources for the world’s top Professional Bookkeepers. If you are already breaking six figures in your professional practice and are eager to create more freedom and flexibility in your work (cut your hours to part-time) without sacrificing your income, then Six Figure Bookkeeper is designed specifically for you. Visit Char’s website at