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Webinar: Dave’s 2024 Malware Update and Your Microsoft 365 Security Strategy

November 20, 2024

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EST


Another year has gone by, and malware is still as pervasive. After a very quick review of the current malware threat landscape, Dave will speak directly to Microsoft 365 and discuss things that can be done to improve your data storage, security, and retention within the Microsoft 365 platform.


Speaker: Dave Debre

Owner/Operator, FUD slayer, P51 Computing Strategies

David is the IT Network Integration specialist at P51 Computing Strategies – a company he has co-owned since 1994. His experience spans multiple platforms, multiple architectures and multiple technologies for IT systems management. His expertise includes Windows, MS Office 365, Linux, Virtualization, Network Design, Network Administration, Network Security and Cloud integration. David is a fun-spirited, unusual Techie because he can relay technical information using ‘plain’ language. He lives on an acreage near Edmonton and enjoys sailing, music, reading, and a fine cup of coffee.