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Webinar: Get in the Cloud and Make it Rain: Serving Nonprofits within the QuickBooks Online Ecosystem

May 15, 2024

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDT


In this session, we will focus on the QuickBooks Online ecosystem and how we can use it to serve nonprofit organizations with more ease, joy, and (yes!) profitability. Many nonprofits convert from a desktop software to QBO without adequate support or proper setup, which can cause more harm than good. However, when we optimize a QBO file for nonprofits and combine this with workflows suited to a virtual environment, we can start to utilize a powerful, flexible ecosystem of cloud-based apps and integrations. Join us for a tech exploration that’s all about building efficiencies, automation, and internal controls while resulting in superior bookkeeping and reporting services for your nonprofit clients.


Speaker: Natalie Marshik CPB, CNAP

CEO, Chickadee Nonprofit Solutions, Inc.

Natalie Marshik, CPB, is a certified nonprofit accounting professional (CNAP) with a passion for nature and the arts. Nat founded her bookkeeping practice, Chickadee Bookkeeping, out of a belief that strong financial systems are vital in our work toward a more equitable, sustainable, and creative future. She works with non-profits and charities across BC, with a particular focus on arts and environmental organizations. When not immersed in spreadsheets, Nat enjoys screenwriting, bird watching, and practicing dog agility with her energetic Schipperke.