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Webinar: Intro to Mental Fitness for Busy Professionals

March 6, 2024

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST


As busy professionals, we often encounter high levels of stress during our workday & a simple yet powerful practice like mindfulness can help us manage stress, cultivate resilience, and enhance our overall well-being. In this session, we will delve into the concept of mindfulness, exploring its potential to not only combat stress but also promote peak performance in all aspects of your life. You'll be equipped with practical techniques that can be seamlessly incorporated into your daily routine, empowering you to approach life and business challenges with a positive mindset. This session also includes insights from the best-selling book, Positive Intelligence and teaches you how to develop the three mental muscles essential for thriving in today's fast-paced world.

By enhancing your mental fitness, you'll unlock a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Improved performance in your personal and professional life
  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels
  • Elevated peace of mind and emotional balance
  • Fostered healthier relationships with colleagues, friends, and family Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your mental fitness and transform your professional life.

Join us and start unlocking your full potential today!

Speaker: Vimal Bava, CPA

Vimal is a CPA with a burning passion for Mental Fitness Coaching. Having personally experienced the detrimental effects of stress and anxiety on one's success and happiness, he has dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge and practices with fellow professionals. Through his own transformational journey towards happiness and success, Vimal has gained invaluable tools to help others in achieving the same. Join him in his mission to guide professionals toward a fulfilling & stress-free personal and professional life.