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Webinar: How bookkeepers can go from good to GREAT in 3 easy steps (Sponsored by Liscio)

November 17, 2021

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST


Who Should Attend:

This webinar is well-suited for any bookkeeping professional who needs to exchange sensitive data with their clients and wants to make the process secure, easy, and a seamless part of their client's day.

Course Description:

Top bookkeepers typically outperform their peers by up to 40%. How do they do it? They use leading-edge technology to “do more with less”, they know how to get their clients to send documents securely the first time they ask, AND they employ Client Experience 2.0 principles firm-wide. In short, they’ve made the leap from “good” to GREAT.  Come and learn how they’ve done it in three easy steps!

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will leave this webinar equipped with a solid understanding of the steps required to increase happiness, productivity, and profits in their firm by:

  1. Understanding how to evaluate the current situation in their firm - specifically what is working and what needs to be tweaked or adjusted.
  2. Identifying and leveraging technology to eliminate admin work and free up time to do deeper-level advisory work for clients, and then making a plan to offer those services to clients.
  3. Rolling out Client Experience 2.0 firm-wide, to ensure peak performance, client satisfaction, and staff happiness in 2021 and beyond.
  4. Note: A brief demo of Liscio will be included so that participants can see the enabling technology behind Client Experience 2.0 in action.


Alison Ball

Alison Ball is the Director of Marketing and Influencer Strategy for Liscio, Inc.   She

is passionate about helping firms to differentiate themselves by providing Client Experience 2.0TM to their clients.  Before joining Liscio in August 2020, Alison spent 15 years leading accountant influencer programs at Intuit, and prior to that she was a bookkeeper herself.  In her spare time, she grows amazing backyard vegetables and loves hiking in the San Francisco Bay Area. She believes that life is too short to spend it with mean people, and any day she can help someone else be successful is a good day indeed.
Alison Ball

Chris Farrell, CPA

Chris Farrell, CPA is the CEO of Liscio, a software company whose mission is to empower professional services firms of all sizes to put their clients first. By starting with the customer and delivering a secure mobile platform for them to exchange sensitive information, Liscio delights clients, increases engagement, and deepens their connection to the firm. Client Experience 2.0TM begins with Liscio.  Chris lives with his wife and son in San Francisco, California.

Chris Farrell

About Liscio, Inc.

At Liscio, we’re dedicated to the craft of client experience. We believe the right client experience speeds the exchange of data between firm and client, minimizes wasted motion, and creates raving fans. Liscio's platform achieves these goals by putting all of the tools clients need to respond quickly right at their fingertips -- including an all-in-one mobile app, automatic reminders, and even a mobile document scanner.  With all client communications and documents centralized in Liscio, it’s easy for staff to quickly see what is going on with each client’s account. And since Liscio is so easy for clients to use, they send documents quickly when asked. No more data silos, no more chasing clients for documents, and no more searching  across multiple platforms.