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Workshop: CHECKLISTS & WORKFLOWS – A Foundation to Grow with!

June 11, 2021

12:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT


Session Description:

Your bookkeeping business is up and running - or is about to be.  Now that you have identified your Mission, Vision & Values, and have created your ideal client profile, your immediate next step is to outline the WAY you are going to work with them.

How do you create a consistent flow of communication and documentation with each client that comes through your door?  Through Checklists & Workflows, of course!

Your processes, while they can be unique to you, should not be in your head.  This Workshop has been created to help you identify your working style, and create the documentation you will need as your business grows so that any team members that come on board follow the same standards you have set out at the beginning.

What you will walk away with:

  • Types of Checklists that should be created
  • What a Workflow should do for you, your team and your business
  • Sample Checklists and Workflows to get you started

About the Facilitator:

Melissa Lenos, CPB

In 2009, I followed my dream and started a bookkeeping firm, called King Accounting Solutions (KAS).  After completing my administration diploma at Grant MacEwan, I started working at a small CA firm in Edmonton. Receiving on-the-job training and completing evening courses at NAIT allowed me to complete all the pre-requisites for the CPA program. Under my mentor's supervision I was able to do everything from personal income taxes, corporate income taxes and audits. But my love was still with the bookkeeping side and helping clients during the year.

My team and I work with the clients to ensure that their bookkeeping is up-to-date, and all government deadlines are met so no unnecessary interest or penalties are incurred. To help our clients grow their business, we also work with their other advisors, accountants, financial advisors, and lawyers. I am very proud of the growth of KBS over the years.

With a team of 8 bookkeepers, we rely on our checklists and workflows to ensure that all our work is completed effectively, efficiently and on-time.  

When not working I enjoy traveling and golfing with friends.