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Webinar: The Importance of Good Work Design to Prevent Injury and Optimize Work

June 14, 2023

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT


Bookkeepers work in many different environments including dedicated offices, moving between multiple offices/locations, working from home or some combination of all these types.

In Alberta, Workers Compensation Board (WCB) claims for professional services show that each year, approximately 40% of WCB claims are musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs), costing approximately 60% of the annual payout. This is in line with the other Canadian provinces. Many more workers do not make claims, deciding that their discomfort is “just part of the job”. Work should not hurt.

This talk will cover MSI risk factors and their development. Interim fixes for short-term workspaces and mobile solutions for Bookkeepers who work at multiple locations will be introduced. The presentation will also cover furniture features that should be considered when choosing investment pieces like a chair or desk.

Good work design/ergonomics ensures a proper fit between a user and their work (equipment, environment, and design of work activities).

Following an interactive 45-minute-long presentation, a Q&A session will be provided to answer your questions to ensure that those who work can do so without musculoskeletal discomfort.


Speaker: Annie Barnwell MSc., CCPE

Annie Barnwell is a Senior Ergonomist and Team Lead at EWI Works International Inc. She has a BSc in Kinesiology and a MSc in Occupational Biomechanics. Annie is a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist and has been working as a Certified Professional Ergonomist for the last 17 years in Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, and Alberta. She brings passion and practical advice to her clients in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, energy, food processing, emergency services, transit, and office. Annie is excited to present to Canadian Bookkeepers to empower them to work without musculoskeletal discomfort.