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Webinar: How to Attract and Retain the BEST People

February 15, 2023

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST


This session details 3 proven methods successful business owners use to attract and retain the right people. We'll also outline how to maximize these best practices in the context of remote teams, hybrid workplaces and all the new normals. Just like everything else in your business, there is a right way and a wrong way to build a successful team. Many business owners we meet are frustrated by their staff and buy into other people's negativity, believing that finding reliable, skilled employees is hard. Not only is it not hard, your successful peers are already doing it. Systems and processes build successful businesses. We'll show you the employee attraction and retention system we've been perfecting over the last 18 years, working with thousands of small to mid-sized companies.



Speaker: Colin Sprake

Colin Sprake is a global authority on spouse owned and operated companies. Having worked with his wife, Gabi for over 2 decades, he knows what It takes to have a successful business, marriage, and family life. He has truly figured out the secret to balancing It all.

Colin is a South African native and serial entrepreneur with decades of experience building multiple multi million-dollar businesses globally, In various Industries and economics. Colin founded Make Your Mark Training and Consulting In 2004 with a passion to assist spouse owned and operated businesses to realize their full revenue and profit potential and do it with heart, making a positive impression on those their business impacts: staff, colleagues, vendors, families, and the community. He is an absolute business genius and can assist you out of any challenge - his creativity is something to experience and witness!

Colin built Make Your Mark on the core values of Community of Trust, Respect the Individual, Integrity, Commitment to Excellence, Open to Possibilities, and Unconditional Gratitude. He also places people and planet over profits.

He is building the fastest growing community of spouse owned businesses from around the globe and wants the world to be live by 4 words - Love, Respect, Responsibility and Commitment.

He is one of two Canadians who are part of an Elite Group called the Transformational Leadership Council founded by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul series). He is a Wisdom Council member with the Evolutionary Business Council. Colin is also a #1 best-selling author presently with four #1 International Bestsellers and has co-authored books with Dan Kennedy & Brian Tracy. Colin has also won two Quilly Awards and has been inducted twice into the National Academy of Bestselling Authors In Hollywood.
Colin's articles and interviews have appeared in many local and International print media including The Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, Inc. Magazine, Seattle Times, and Reno Gazette. Colin has also appeared on many TV channels as a guest business expert: Global, MSNBC and CTV to mention a few.

He was featured in the movie, Finding Freedom In Your Second Fifty that has helped tens of thousands of people. Colin has also been blessed to be mentored by Sir Richard Branson and some of the Dragons and Sharks from entrepreneurial TV shows, Dragons' Den and Shark Tank. Some are now personal friends!

A highly sought-after keynote speaker and trainer, Colin guarantees his audience will walk way from his presentations, no matter how long or short, with practical tools and strategies they can use immediately In their life and business to achieve greater success and make a positive impact on the world. He also teaches that success Is attainable in both family and business without sacrificing one for the other.

Colin currently resides In White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, with his beautiful wife of 25-years and their two teenage daughters.