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Webinar: Branding & Social Media 101 For Accounting Professionals

February 21, 2024

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EST


Social media can be a fun and rewarding experience. Yes, I said fun. It can also be immensely educational. Whether you are socially shy or want to go all in on your digital life, this session will be all about projecting your genuine self in easy-to-follow, actionable steps. We will start with how to build a brand identity kit that will make it easy to post a consistent and genuine vision of you and your business. We will run through the social media and digital options to get your brand out there in a simple-to-implement manner. Then, we will discuss how to create a professional, rewarding social media experience for you and your firm. “You are what you call up in the universe. If you call up positive experiences, not only will the universe deliver, but your social media feeds will as well."


Speaker: Kellie Parks, CPB - Owner Calmwaters Cloud Accounting

Kellie is a relentless organizer and believes cloud financial technology is key to organization. She is an ardent devotee of online accounting platforms and loves all the apps that create a robust cloud accounting ecosystem. She adopted cloud financial technology for her own business in 2009, using Freshbooks for invoicing. And then QBO in 2012, as soon as it came to Canada and happily migrated all of her clients to it. Kellie loves introducing QBO and the app partner programs to accountants and their clients. She now spends much of her day educating Accounting Firms and SMBs but loves keeping her head firmly in her bookkeeping client's day-to-day accounting needs as well. Cloud accounting technology has made it possible for Kellie to enjoy working from out-of-country locations for most of the winter and maintain her coaching and bookkeeping business seamlessly.

Kellie and her husband Jeff, a Fly Fishing Guide, have 3 grown kids and live with 2 unruly Australian Shepherds in a 100-year-old lakeside cabin (that is chronically under renovation). She is an avid runner, water & snow skier, and live music fan. Kellie is a proud member of the Intuit International Trainer Writer Network and the FreshBooks Accountant Council.