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ON St. Catharines - Regional Meeting - Answering the Questions About Coaching, Addressing the Assumptions - Virtual

October 24, 2023

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT


Have you asked yourself any of the following questions:
What does a business coach do?
How can a business coach help your business?
Do I need one for my business?
How do results get measured?
Will a coach really make any kind of difference?
Is working with a coach hard work?
Will I get any value?

If you have asked yourself one or more of these questions, then this talk is for you. We’ll examine the questions to ask a potential coach before you hire them. We’ll also address some additional questions to ask yourself (around coachability and your readiness for a coach). And we'll examine what a coaching program is, the process and what a session looks like.


Presenter: Jeff Walters

Jeff Walters is the proud owner of Infinite Business Solutions, a professional coaching firm. By leading from our own transformation, we are committed to powering transformation businesses and lives of those we serve. We offer 30+ years of experience in Business Leadership- as an owner, leader, trainer and coach, fueled by a heart for service and adaptability to flex in a myriad of business situations.


Contact: Regional Network Chair - Kimme Lafayette, CPB - email: kimme@bbbs.ltd