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BC Victoria - Regional Meeting: Craft a personal and memorable elevator speech - In Person

February 13, 2023

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM PST


It's time to craft a personal and memorable elevator speech! An elevator speech will make you
appear more professional and feel more confident going into any business environment.

Sarah Daviau has spent most of her career working in the area of communications. In
2009 Sarah opened Piece of Cake Communications and began working with groups and
individuals to help them improve communication skills, heighten confidence and build
better relationships. She believes that when people are given a bit of knowledge and a lot
of encouragement, all of their business and personal goals can come true. Be
confident. Communicate effectively.

Meeting Agenda:

  • 5:45pm                 Informal networking
  • 6:10pm                 Attendee introductions
  • 6:30pm                 Meal service
  • 7:00pm                 Crafting a Personal and Memorable Elevator Speech
  •  7:45pm                 Wrap up and announcement

White Spot Langford
•    941 Langford Parkway, Victoria BC V9B0A5
•    778.433.8800

Regional Network Chairs
Colleen Hoggarth CPB FCPB         colleen@hoggarth.ca                   250.812.2396
Richard Games CPA CA                  richard@jacobyandgames.com   250.370.2191 ext 7