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CPB Canada Digital Credentials

Members pursuing the certification pathway to CPB designation (Apprentice, Technician, CPB) are rewarded with a CPB Canada digital badge of achievement. Digital badges are a great way to verify your experience, continuing professional development, and level of achievement with CPB Canada!

What is a digital badge?

Each digital badge is an image backed by metadata detailing the requirements met for the level. This data is verified electronically and provides members, and the public, with proof that you have the knowledge expectations and experience that meet our national standard. In addition, members who successfully pass their CPB exam and receive their designation are provided with a certificate of achievement that can proudly be displayed. 

Use your CPB Canada digital badge to:

Showcase your level of achievement and skills to your professional network
Enable employers and clients to quickly validate your knowledge and experience
Share your digital badges on social media, resumes, online job banks, and email signatures

Did you know that on average, LinkedIn members with certifications receive 6 times more views on their profile? We encourage our members to celebrate their achievements with their clients, employers, and networks by sharing their digital badge in their LinkedIn profile, email signature, and on their website.

How to claim your digital badge?

When you earn your digital badge (Apprentice, Technician, CPB) you will receive an email from Credly letting you know how to claim your achievement badge. Don't forget to check your junk folder first, as your security setting may cause the email to be redirected.

  • CPB level badges are issued within two weeks of passing the CPB exam 
  • Members who pass the entry-level test at the Apprentice and Technician levels are asked to reach out to info@cpbcan.ca to request their badge. Badges are typically issued within two weeks of receiving your request

How to share your digital badge?

Visit Credly's Sharing to Social Media page to learn how you can share your digital badge on your website, email signature, social media accounts, and more. Members can visit our On-Demand library to watch a walkthrough of how to make the most of their digital credentials.

Please note: Members do not have a licence to use the CPB Canada logo. Apprentice, Technician and CPB members will use their digital badge to display their level of achievement with CPB Canada. All other members can access their CPB Canada membership card through the Member Zone.




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