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Happy New Year - CPB Canada Celebrates Turning 15

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The New Year is upon us. Welcome to 2022!

CPB Canada is pleased to enter its 15th year as a professional association serving the needs of bookkeepers nationally.  As a national certifying body, this 15th year represents a significant step in our journey to continually raise professional bookkeepers' standards across Canada.

We celebrate this milestone to reflect on our progress but, more importantly, to look forward to the future we hope to create for CPB Canada members and the industry. There remains much growth for our association and value to create. I know this year will be full of many new and existing initiatives.

I look forward to leading our professional staff team to execute various strategic initiatives that deliver on CPB Canada's Strategic Plan. Our focus will:

  • Target membership with growth and increased value,
  • Build relevant and enriching programming,
  • Create fiscal sustainability that supports internal capacity and drives value, and
  • Bringing greater awareness to members of CPB Canada – as the go-to organization for bookkeepers and accounting professionals.

I can commit to the year ahead being an ambitious one for CPB Canada.  However, in saying that, we will continue to manage the ongoing uncertainty around the pandemic prudently. The past few weeks have shown us that we must remain diligent and safe. As such, we will continue to work with our members to ensure that any events throughout 2022 are safe and compliant with any public health measures.

Finally, we at CPB Canada want to make sure that our community of bookkeepers is feeling supported during this pandemic.  We know that clients are stressed, and our members' workload is immense. It is ever more critical that we take care of ourselves, lift each other, and continue to do the best we can during these trying circumstances.  

As we always do, let's get this year off to a great start and continue to grow the strength of our professional community.

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