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Get To Know Us | Staff Spotlight

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Introducing the wonderful Meagan Rockett, DES our Member Programs & Services Officer. " I have been apart of CPB closing in on two years now! My role now is Member Services & Programs Officer - and as a result, I am involved with webinars, regional meetings, conference, workshops and the CPB Exam, as well helping monitor various incoming inquiries as much as possible. 

My past experience involves working closely with Professional & Trade Associations in a consulting capacity - from Membership, to Sponsorship & Programming, to Full-Service Conference Planning. I believe this helps me in my current capacity as I can pull from many past programs and sets of research I have conducted.

What do I like to do in my spare time? Spare time? LOL!  I still have a small side-gig that I love, planning events for a healthcare association. Other than that, I suppose it would be my new paint by number addiction when I have time!

Fun Fact about me, I sold my giant house when my kids became adults and went off to university, bought a converted church in a small town.  I just LOVE it. One of the coolest things I have every purchased.

What I love most about my position; honestly, I am a data and program nerd, so I love to see stats over time when it comes to event registrations, feedback surveys, and seeing the programming brought to life.  

Meagan Rockett's CPB Canada Bio

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