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Get To Know Us - Staff Spotlight

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This week's Staff Spotlight we would like to introduce the lovely Cindy Smith... If you are new to CPB Canada you may have spoke with Cindy when registering - well, here's a bit more info to get to know her more.

"I began working with CPB Canada in November 2019. I've spent more than 15 years working with large Associations, developing programs that provide member value and satisfaction. Many of those years has always been spent in database management and analytics, which assist in planning for organizational success and assisting members in utilizing their benefits and making the most of their membership. In my spare time I enjoy movies, volunteering in the community, and painting. Fun Fact; I love to bake, just to bake. I usually find a home for all the sweets I make!

I am typically the first person at CPB Canada that non-members will speak to. I assist by providing an understanding of who CPB Canada is, the value of certification, and how each individual can make the best choice for their career. I lead membership and partnerships, continually working to bring value to CPB Canada members. What I love the most about my position? Watching what we are accomplishing together!"

Cindy Smith's CPB Canada Bio

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