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Get To Know Us - Staff Spotlight

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Our first Staff Spotlight showcases Jeff Caverly, CPB... Many of you may already know Jeff but here is what you may not know!

"Since I began with CPB Canada (IPBC) in 2013, I’ve had the privilege to wear many hats, and roll up the sleeves and dig in wherever needed. Manager, Finance and Administration is the title on the hat these days. While that generally means I’m plugging away out of view in the back-office workings of the organization, the finances, HR, IT, I can also often be found pitching in on the front-office member-facing stuff as well. Being an accounting/bookkeeping professional from straight out of high school at the tender age of 16 (which seems like a lifetime ago…), and a CPB since 2010, I can relate to and am passionate about what this organization continues to accomplish.

When not working, I am a pretty handy Jack-Of-All-Trades and can be found around the house or yard with some sort of a tool in my hand. And if I was to leave you with one thing, being a Trekkie, it is “Live long and prosper!”

Jeff Caverly's CPB Canada Bio

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