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Congratulations to our new CPB designated members!

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Congratulations to our newest certified members!

For the past several months, the CPB Canada team has been working very hard to provide our members with the opportunity to be again able to obtain their Certified Professional Bookkeeper designation (CPB) pathway. With the pandemic eliminating the previous practice of in-person exam writing and invigilation, coupled with the implementation of new systems this past summer, we were faced with finding a safe, convenient and practical way for our members to become certified.

Partnering with ProctorFree, an online virtual proctoring platform, and with the CPB Canada team re-imagining our certification exam processes, streamlining and integrating those new processes with our new systems, we are very excited to announce that we have begun to certify members once again as of just before the holidays.

Please join us in recognizing this achievement and congratulate our newest CPBs, Certified Professional Bookkeepers:

  • Andre Kuerbis, CPB
  • Yasir Iqbal, CPB
  • Sandra Burkholder, CPB
  • Natalie Marshik, CPB
  • Joyce Stokes, CPB
  • Diane Beausoleil, CPB
  • Chrissy Oram, CPB
  • Arianna Micacchioni, CPB
  • Anita Broekema, CPB

We will continue to feature these exciting achievements as we continue to promote the CPB certification and designation as THE certification of professional bookkeepers in Canada.   

The CPB Canada Team

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