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CEO Update - February 2024 - That was Pretty Darn Cool

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A big thank you is necessary for everyone who helped make National Bookkeeping Week a success this year.

I need to acknowledge our supportive sponsors, amazing volunteers, and dedicated staff for pulling together a week's worth of awareness-building content, pride, and events to connect our community across Canada.

So, let's recap some highlights!

  • Provincial and Federal Ministers who hold the Small Business portfolio recognized bookkeepers and National Bookkeeping Week for the first time. See the videos here.
  • CPB Canada released a groundbreaking research report by PwC that captures the Socioeconomic Impact of Bookkeeping Professionals in Canada. This report will educate critical audiences on our collective impact on the Canadian economy.
  • We held a live keynote address from Jake Karls, Entrepreneur and Founder of Mid-Day Squares. His impactful talk focused on the value of authenticity in telling your story for success. Jake's talk will be available in our on-demand library for members.
  •  In partnership with our sponsors Intuit QuickBooks, Payworks, TelPay, and Xero, CPB Canada held regional celebration events in cities across Canada. With hundreds of people making it out - we celebrated our profession and community in style!
  • To close out the week - we focused on the future. We held the "Bookkeeping Panel" to discuss career options with new bookkeepers and students looking to work toward a CPB designation and start their careers.

You can also visit www.bookkeepingweek.ca for more content or as a great place to educate people you meet who want to know more.

Ultimately, it was a great week and a tremendous platform for us to continue elevating bookkeepers and our profession to new heights.

We thank you for your engagement and support on behalf of CPB Canada, the Board, and the staff team!

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