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Update to members from the CEO - AGM 2020

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It has been a year of exciting new experiences, opportunities and challenges! You, the members, as well as CPB Canada’s operational team rose to these opportunities and challenges.

We launched a new brand, website and membership management system which serves as the jumping off point to taking CPB Canada, the bookkeeping profession and the CPB designation to the next level of growth and recognition. Yes, there is still work to be done that will provide increased functionality for all however we have a fabulous new brand and a great foundation in our new systems.

COVID-19 has shown that we can act quickly and adjust to meet the needs of the members. We introduced new programs, adjusted delivery of regional meetings and the Ignite conference, and moved quickly to establish relationships with government at the bureaucratic and political level to get answers for members and to raise the profile of the profession, the certification, and the role you play in supporting small business in Canada. Government sees us and we have opened the doors to future discussion and collaboration.

We hosted our first ever virtual conference – and by all accounts it was a success. Yes, there were hiccups and we’ll learn from them however it was what you, the member needed, and we delivered quality content and lots of opportunities to connect and network. And we’ve opened the door to the possibility of a hybrid conference in the future.

In an ongoing effort to increase member value and growth, the operational team completed a full review of member benefits and programs, including the member discount program. The program was redesigned and is now known as VIB Advantage, Very Important Bookkeeper, program. It is ongoing and ever-evolving as we source new partners and negotiate competitive pricing on products and services you are asking for. To date, new partnerships include Staples, Telus, The Personal and Elavon. And I’m EXCITED to announce today that we have entered into a partnership with Payment Evolution for a group health benefits plan for our members – details will follow in the next week or so. We are also in the final stages of negotiations with one of Canada’s largest retailers of consumer electronics, computers and entertainment products and hope to be able to announce this new offering soon.

In addition to reviewing member benefits and programs, the operational team performed a full review and analysis of the existing membership and certification model. The updated membership structure and pathway to certification were launched in June alongside the new brand and website/MMS. Since launch we have welcomed over 125 new members and received over 100 applications to pursue certification from existing and new members.

I am fortunate to have a strong, cohesive, transparent and collaborative team to lead and work alongside. This team of individuals is passionate about, and dedicated to CPB Canada and its members. Thank you to Jeff, Cindy, Meagan, and Riann. And we can’t forget Sarah, who led us through the rebrand and development of the website and MMS. We look forward to working with the board over the next few months in developing the strategic plan for the coming three years.

I also want to recognize and thank the many volunteers who worked alongside operations in developing, reviewing, and bringing these many successes to the membership. You bring not only knowledge and expertise but a special kind of passion and dedication to your association, the profession, and to setting the national standard for the bookkeeping profession in Canada. I am honoured to be working with each and every one of you. The list of individuals is many so I will not name them here however thank you to the members of the Accreditation & Compliance Committee, the Ethics & Discipline Committee as well as those individuals who participate as members of the Investigation Committees, the Awards Committee, and the Conference Program Committee. I am grateful and honoured to be working with all of you.

From a strategic and governance perspective, I am equally grateful and honoured to be working in partnership with the board in leading CPB Canada. The board sets the direction for the organization and the operational team, and the many committees, moves that direction forward. Thank you for your leadership, your passion, your dedication, your knowledge and expertise, and for continuing to push the organization and the profession forward.

Thank you. #bookkeepersrock!

To view the Strategic Plan 2018-2020 please visit our Reports & Updates Page (Members Only). 

Valoree McKay, CAE 
Chief Executive Officer
CPB Canada

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