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Congratulations, Maria Aquino, the recent recipient of the Alan Salmon Bursary!

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We are pleased to share the most recent recipient of the Alan Salmon Bursary Program through CPB Canada in partnership with Conestoga College as the current administrator of the program.

We formally congratulate Maria Aquino on being awarded the Alan Salmon Bursary most recently. As a successful recipient, Maria will receive $1,250 to further her academic and professional pursuits. Maria shared the following words;

“Thank you to the Alan Salmon Bursary Program sponsored by Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, and Conestoga College for this bursary.

It was a good year in the Bookkeeping program for me as a mature student looking to start over in another career field. I have decided to continue on with a Payroll specialization, and this bursary has been helpful in getting me started off with that. Soon after finishing the Bookkeeping program last April, I started a Payroll course in the time I had before my maternity break.

This Fall, I start volunteer work with the Finance Committee of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph. I am eager to share my time, skills & learnings from my previous finance/investments career and new Bookkeeping/Accounting knowledge. It is a privilege to be able to give back to the community through this volunteer opportunity.

Next year, after my maternity break, I hope to obtain full-time employment in a Bookkeeping/Accounting-related position and start gaining training and experience in the industry. Goals for 2024 also include obtaining a Payroll professional designation and becoming a member of CPB Canada. I am very grateful for the present encouragement and support I’m already receiving, even at just the beginning of my Bookkeeping career.”

Best of success, Maria, on your Bookkeeping/Accounting/Payroll career journey! We feel that there is no better way to honour the legacy of Alan Salmon than by investing in the future of our profession and community; in doing so, we remember his contributions to our organization and the industry.

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