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2022 Professional Leader of The Year Award

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The CPB Canada Professional Leader of the Year Award was created to recognize a Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) who has proven to uphold the standards and ideals of CPB Canada, has experienced significant success in the past year and has made outstanding contributions to CPB Canada, their community and their clientele.

The 2022 Professional Leader of The Year Award recipient was Dawn Ross, CPB, of All Task Service LTD, Alberta. Please help us congratulate her on this achievement.

About Dawn Ross, CPB

Dawn has been a bookkeeping business owner since 2007, a member of CPB Canada since 2010, and Regional Network Chair for Calgary since 2018.

Building a strong bookkeeping community drives her commitment to the CPB Canada organization. When she had the opportunity in 2018 to become a Regional Network Chair in Calgary, she jumped at the chance. Creating meaningful relationships with fellow bookkeepers and together developing a plan for continuing education with the monthly meetings is a rewarding experience.

She believes strongly in paying it forward – share your experience and what you know, be a contributing member of your community, and be courageous. Dawn can be counted on to lend support, encouragement, and an ear to her colleagues at any time. She knows that we can all make such a difference to each other and believes that we all should be the bookkeeper we want to see in the world.

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