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2022 Emerging Leader of the Year Award

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The CPB Canada Emerging Leader of the Year Award was created to recognize a bookkeeper with two (2) years of experience or less who has demonstrated professional growth and success in bookkeeping in the past year, has proven to uphold the standards and ideals of CPB Canada, and has made outstanding contributions to CPB Canada, their community and their clientele.

The 2022 Emerging Leader of the Year Award recipient is Corrie Verheijen of CV Bookkeeping from Edmonton, Alberta.

About Corrie Verheijen

Searching for new opportunities in 2021, Corrie was intrigued by bookkeeping after working alongside a passionate bookkeeper in a previous career. This passion led Corrie to an intense period of learning the basics of bookkeeping, gaining her first couple of clients, and joining CPB Canada on the recommendation of an instructor at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology's applied bookkeeping program. 

Through CPB Canada, Corrie connected with two outstanding bookkeeping mentors: Tracy Lampron and Lisa Chanell, partners at Bonfire Bookkeeping. Through Bonfire Bookkeeping's mentorship, Corrie has gained valuable hands-on experience and seriously boosted her bookkeeping skills as she works towards her CPB certification.

Corrie loves helping service based businesses with their bookkeeping and assisting owners in transitioning their bookkeeping to the cloud. She is a volunteer member of the CPB Public Affairs Task Force.

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