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CEO Update - November 1, 2022

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Last week, CPB Canada hosted its annual meeting of members, our Annual General Meeting (AGM). At the AGM, we worked to communicate critical updates to our members while also putting in front of them key business for them to conduct.

This included, but was not limited to, the following:

  • We presented our 2021-22 Annual Report to the members and our 2021-22 reviewed financial statements.
  • The members approved appointing Parker Prins Lebano, CPA, as our Accountant for the fiscal year ending May 31st, 2023 – whereby CPB Canada will meet the legislative threshold for an Audit Engagement.
  • Following our governance review this year, the members approved various changes to modernize the organization's By-Laws.

Perhaps, most importantly, the members acclaimed six new Directors to serve on the CPB Canada Board of Directors. I look forward to working with each of them:

  • Steve Camilleri, CB, CPB
  • Karolina Francis, CPB
  • Tracy Lampron, CPB, FCPB
  • Lynne Moore, CPB
  • Asif Rahemtulla, CPB
  • Diandra Whymns, CPB, PCP

As CEO, I was pleased to see such a strong turnout of members who joined and participated in the meeting. The association's annual meeting is a legislative requirement of not-for-profit professional associations. It helps provide transparency to ensure we remain accountable to members.

As noted in the recent update from our Chair. The new CPB Canada Board of Directors met on Friday, October 28th, to appoint officers and committee assignments. The result of this process included the following appointments:

  • Lynne Moore, CPB – Chair of the Board of Directors (2-year term)
  • Melissa Lenos, CPB - Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors (2-year term)
  • Steve Camilleri, CB, CPB – Treasurer
  • Kimme Lafayette, CPB - Chair of the Nominations & Board Development Committee
  • Christie Craven, CPB & Teresa Slack, CPB – Appointed to the Executive Committee

I am excited to engage this group moving forward to working with Lynne Moore, CPB, as Chair for the next two years. Equally, it is exciting that the organization has introduced a new succession process for the Vice-Chair role.

Over the months ahead, I hope to undertake a short session to outline all the new modernizing changes (like those above) arising from our governance review this past year.   

Have a great month of November ahead!


Rick Johal, CAE
Chief Executive Officer

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