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CEO Update - Special Projects

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Hello members, 

As we look to embark upon summer, I know many people are still very busy or catching up on work from a busy tax season. 

At CPB Canada, it has also been a busy time for your professional association. Following the CIB Asset Acquisition, our team has worked diligently to onboard and welcome these new members and many more into our community. This process is rewarding as we are proud to boast a national membership of over 1840 members, a new record high for our association.

As we look ahead, CPB Canada has several unique projects underway that will look to deliver on our strategic plan priorities over the coming months ahead. Notably, we are currently engaged in the following activities:

  • A Governance Review: This project will look to update, change, and improve the organization's overall governance framework and processes. What does this mean? It will focus heavily on how the Board of Directors and staff operate concerning the By-Laws and fill the policy gaps to ensure that CPB Canada matures as an organization. Members can expect improvements to a range of processes that include a revision to our By-Laws to meet the needs of today and tomorrow, along with a range of policy changes and improvements to support effective governance and management of the organization. Our organization is growing and maturing, and this review will help us be prepared for the bright future ahead. 
  • A Communications Strategy: Recently, our team engaged with a very prominent association vendor to help formulate a new communications strategy approach. Working with RedBrick Communications, we believe this strategy will better focus our communication approaches to members, non-members, and the industry to best promote the value of CPB Canada, CPB certification, and its members as industry leaders. This work is just getting underway, and we are excited about its potential to help us advance critical priorities for our association. 
  • Finally, staff are putting the final touches on a new State of the Membership Survey. This tool will be used every 2-3 years as a mechanism to engage the feelings, perceptions, experiences and overall satisfaction of our members. By collecting this information on a regular interval, we will be able to measure and assess how well we are performing relative to members' needs and expectations. This work will garner the assistance of a third-party vendor to provide a confidential and impartial review of the data and present these findings to the staff and Board of Directors. 

Beyond these projects, we are also continuing to build an exciting program for IGNITE 2022. The Conference Committee is working away to ensure it is a robust experience for our members. In addition, other groups like our Public Affairs Task Force and Education and PD Advisory Group will be meeting in June to advance their respective committee's work. It remains busy, but we are excited by the work underway and how it will help us elevate the community and profession to new heights. 

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