Education Partner Program Application

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Education Partner Program Application Form

By partnering with Canada’s largest and fastest-growing certifying body of bookkeepers,  your graduates will have the opportunity to fast track towards getting certified. A partnership with CPB Canada will also provide your students with access to a preferred student membership rate, full of member benefits that will give students access to continuing education and networking opportunities with bookkeeping professionals across Canada!

To be considered as an Education Partner, your institution must be included in the Government of Canada’s Designated Educational Institution list.

The program’s curriculum must cover all items listed on the specified certification pathway level of CPB Canada’s Bookkeeping Competencies. Your attestation will serve as an agreement that students will be prepared upon graduation to successfully attempt the entry-level test of the specified level.

Program Lead

If CPB Canada approves our program, we authorize them to display our program on the CPB Canada website, social media channels, and email communications to increase awareness of the partnership and benefit to students. Our Institution agrees to add a paragraph explaining the benefits and a partnership level seal that CPB Canada will provide. We will provide a high-resolution file of our Institution’s logo upon approval.