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Volunteer with CPB Canada






CPB Canada is a community that benefits from its active and engaged membership. In late 2021, a call-out was made to seek out interested volunteers for a series of operational working groups and task forces to help the association advance some of its key priorities.

The association is pleased to celebrate such a committed and engaged group of volunteers. Future opportunities in the association are always available. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer submit your application now.

Become A Volunteer Today

Volunteers in the Association



Education and Professional Development Advisory Group

  • Karolina Francis, CPB - Chair Alternate
  • Susan Hopcroft
  • Gurek Deol, CPB
  • Kristin Thompson, CPB
  • Natalie Marshik, CPB
  • Derin Kanjirathamkunnel John, CPB
  • Jo Ruelle, CPB


Youth & Diversity Advisory Group

  • Diandra Whymns, CPB - Chair Alternate
  • Melissa Lenos, CPB
  • Jessie Manuel, CPB
  • Melissa Michalski, CPB
  • Tanya Roy, CPB
  • Samuel Adeniya
  • Gabrielle Smith, CPB 
  • Jason Smith 


Investigation Panel

  • Colleen Hoggarth, CPB, FCPB
  • Paul Crawford (non-member) 
  • Jennifer Bernier, CPB
  • John O'Rourke (non-member)
  • Marian Rice, CPB, FCPB
  • Bev Haggins, CPB
  • Mariyln Jones, CPB
  • Sharon Terpstra, CPB


Ethics & Discipline Committee

  • Tracy Lampron, CPB, FCPB - Chair Alternate
  • Stephanie Wells, CPB
  • Tina Huckabay, CPB
  • Jeanette Abbott, CPB
  • Jenine Syme
  • Heather Young, CPB
  • Laura Humphrey, CPB
  • Tanya Hilts, CPB, FCPB 


IGNITE 2024 Conference Committee

  • Cheryl Baldwin, CPB - Chair
  • Danielle Gadoury, CPB
  •  Melissa Michalski, CPB
  •  Kim Westervelt, CPB
  • Kellie Parks, CPB
  • Dawn Ross, CPB
  • Jan Breuls-Dorang, CPB 
  •  Stephanie Kelcey, CPB, PFP
  •  Joyel Hidber, CPB
  •  Jan Breuls-Dorang, CPB
  • Derwin Evangelista 

Certification Advisory Group

  • Melissa Lenos, CPB - Chair Alternate
  • Lynne Moore , CPB
  • Karolina Francis, CPB
  • Samar Grubesic, CPB
  • Leslie Phillips, CPB

Additional Volunteers are being appointed for the following positions over the coming months ahead.

  • CPB Canada's Awards Review Panel/Committee
  • Regional Network Meetings