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Kimme Lafayette, CPB, Director

Kimme Lafayette is the owner of Beyond Bookkeeping Business Services. She opened in 2014 but was working as an employee Bookkeeper for several years prior to that.

Ever since high school, she has been passionate about numbers. In grade 10, her math teacher hired her as a tutor for her peers in the same grade level that was struggling with the content.

After high school, she began a post-secondary education goal to become an Accountant but quickly realized that wasn’t what she wanted to do. She was offered a position in a different industry and accepted.

Fast forward several years, she still felt like her career was leaving her feeling empty. She had taken night school courses several times over the years related to accounting and taxes and finally decided to leave the management world she had become a part of and to follow her heart.

That’s when she learned about being a Bookkeeper rather than an Accountant….and what a world of difference that made. There’s been no looking back.

When she isn’t working, she plays competitive billiards and has won the Canadian Amateur Championships twice, she loves her 3 dogs and is an avid motorcyclist. Wind therapy is the best!

Education/Professional Designations

  • CPB with CPB Canada

Specialized expertise relevant to the role of the CPB Canada Director

I  have served CPB Canada for many years as a volunteer Regional Developer in Toronto, Niagara and Hamilton Regions. I’m passionate about CPB Canada and everything it stands for.

Outline competencies that you feel will make you a strong member of the CPB Canada Board of Directors.

I’ve often been described as a leader and tenacious. I don’t give up easily and would constantly keep members' interests at the forefront of my BoD activities.  

Being passionate is critical to the vibrancy of the Board of Directors.  Can you tell us a bit about what makes you passionate about CPB Canada?

Oh gosh, ever since I opened my business, I immediately knew I wanted to ‘belong’ to an association. I’d heard of plumbers and electricians, etc having associations they were part of but I’d never heard of one for Bookkeepers. I started searching and came across 2. IPBC (now CPB Canada) stood out to me as the leader in our industry. I was all-in for the educations offered, becoming certified, networking and having ‘my tribe’. What a great feeling to finally belong somewhere.

What are the values, attributes, and motivations you possess that will benefit CPB Canada and its Board of Directors?

Passion, passion, passion. It rules my world. If I’m not passionate about something, then it’s difficult to get me motivated.  Fortunately, I LOVE what we all do and the help that we bring to business owners across Canada. I’ve long voiced my opinion that the bookkeeping profession needs to be regulated and I believe CPB Canada will be the united voice to achieve this. Those who know me personally, would say I’m extremely honest. 


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