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Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (CPB Canada), legally known as the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC), is a member-based association, a national certifying body, and the leading professional and career development organization for bookkeepers in Canada. Created for bookkeepers, by bookkeepers, we are the largest and fastest-growing bookkeeping association in Canada.

A community of like-minded professionals

Our mission is to create a diverse professional community that inspires excellence, builds meaningful connections, and fosters innovation and learning.

From continuing professional development and business resources to meaningful networking, mentoring, and peer support - our members have access to the resources needed to advance their careers and achieve a sense of belonging in the bookkeeping community.

Setting you up for success

Through webinars, regional meetings, and an annual national conference we bring together and support bookkeeping professionals at all levels of their career. We help our members stay on top of industry updates and trends by partnering with national experts in accounting technology, bookkeeping principles, business operations, and government regulations.

Whether you’re an experienced professional, a student, or just starting out in your career – CPB Canada has the programs and services you need to succeed as a bookkeeping professional in Canada.

Helping you discover your competitive advantage

CPB Canada maintains the national bookkeeping standard in the accounting profession through the Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) designation. These standards guide the knowledge, business practices, and ethical standards required for professional bookkeepers to be certified in the accounting industry.

As a certified member, you will have an opportunity to increase your visibility, enhance your professional brand, and gain recognition through our CPB certification program. The learning path to CPB designation establishes the skills and knowledge that reflect best practices and today’s industry trends - helping bookkeeping professionals align their learning with their career goals.

At CPB Canada we’re not just meeting the standard…we’re setting the standard.

"I passionately believe that maintaining a national bookkeeping standard is paramount - not only to our success as bookkeeping professionals, but also to the success of the clients we serve in our communities. From new bookkeepers trying to get started in the industry to experienced bookkeepers and bookkeeping firms, CPB Canada is there to support us and help us grow. Thank you for raising the bar for bookkeeping in Canada!"

Do you want to become a valuable member of the accounting industry through the certification pathway to CPB designation? Your journey to bookkeeping excellence starts here

Promoting professional bookkeepers in the diverse world of accounting

CPBs are highly valued for their knowledge and expertise - not just for their time performing accounting tasks.

CPB Canada is working to provide employers, small business owners, and other accounting professionals with a better understanding of the education, experience, knowledge, and skills required to be a CPB, define what they actually do, the value they bring and demonstrate where CPBs fit in the diverse world of accounting.



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