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Christie Craven, CPB, Director

Christie came to bookkeeping 7 years ago at the very beginning of the shift to cloud accounting and has thrived as an early adopter of these industry-changing technologies. The human connections with business owners and other bookkeepers, and the constant opportunities to learn have cemented Christie’s passion for this career. Previously, she developed products for the school and consumer industries, trained horses and managed polo teams. Born and raised in California, she came to Canada for a summer job and decided to make it home. She is immensely proud to have become a Canadian citizen in 2013.

Christie's volunteer work includes being a member on the CPB Canada Conference Committee, hosting CPB Canada Talk Tuesdays, occasional hosting Literacy for Life and as a volunteer in schools.

Education/Professional Designation

Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB); Advanced Accounting Certificate, Bow Valley College; BA International Relations, Stanford University

Specialized expertise relevant to the role of the CPB Canada Director

Project management skills, ability to communicate across diverse demographics, and team management experience.

Up to 4 competencies the candidate felt would benefit the CPB Canada board

In volunteering with the Ignite Planning Committee, I work virtually with a team from across Canada to evaluate potential speakers and choose content for the annual conference. In transitioning paper-based business clients to the cloud, I evaluate their needs and create processes to fit their needs while improving efficiency. In the context of managing farm operations, I am comfortable making a broad spectrum of decisions while keeping the focus on an objective, adapting plans where necessary when the first idea doesn’t work. In managing a polo barn, I learned to guide employees from different backgrounds to work in an active and constantly changing competitive environment.

Passion is a key driver when it comes to being a CPB Canada leader, ambassador, and effective advocate for the bookkeeping community. Tell us a little bit about your passion for CPB Canada

I have a deep gratitude for the founders of our organization and the vision they implemented to set a professional standard for our industry. I appreciate that the CPB Canada community is inclusive and collaborative. I want to contribute to this community’s growth in membership, in technical skill and in business development.

What are your personal dreams or aspirations that could be enhanced by service on our board?

I hope to continue in the technical work of bookkeeping while going further to influence the success of bookkeepers and business people. I’d like to find an avenue to educate young people in financial literacy.


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