Complaint Form

This form is to be used to file a complaint against a CPB Canada member with respect to a potential violation of the CPB Canada Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Upon filing, CPB Canada will assess the eligibility and scope of the complaint and follow-up regarding next steps.

Complainant Info

Respondent Info (Name of Individual You Wish To File a Complaint Against)

Please note: We can only open a complaints process for CPB Canada members. Please visit the Better Business Bureau, if the respondent is not a CPB Canada member.

What is your relationship with the Respondent?

Did you hire this Member/Firm?

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What does the subject matter of this complaint relate to?

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I understand and agree that Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (CPB Canada) may share and provide copies of the information and/or documents that it receives from me to the named Respondent(s) and members of the Investigation Panel, Ethics & Discipline Committee, and Appeals Panel, as required. I understand that CPB Canada may not be able to process my complaint without supporting documents. I have attached copies of documents that relate to my complaint, as documented above. I have read and understand the CPB Canada Complaint and Discipline Policy (the “Policy”) and acknowledge and agree to wholly release and not bring any action or proceeding against CPB Canada, or any of its employees, officers or directors, or any member of the Investigation Panel, Ethics and Discipline Committee, or Appeals Panel (collectively, the “Releasees”), for their actions or omissions with respect to the handling of this complaint, any ensuing investigation, or actions taken pursuant to the Policy and/or the Appeals Policy. I understand that I may have recourse and remedies against the Respondent(s) but agree that CPB Canada has no involvement in any such proceedings, and further agree that I will not involve CPB Canada or any of the Releasees in any civil actions I may choose to take against the Respondent(s), nor will I call any of the Releasees to testify at any court or other legal proceeding.