Collaboration Corner is an ongoing peer-to-peer member drop-in session where you can connect with other CPB Canada members to raise issues and address bookkeeping topics of interest. 2-3 experienced members will host each session.

CPB Canada encourages both experienced members and new members to use this platform to create community and ongoing support around a range of bookkeeping and related practice matters.

Webinar: The Value Playbook (Sponsored by PaymentEvolution)

December 13, 2023

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST



What sets you and your firm apart? 

Discover actionable tactics to amplify revenue, minimize costs, and reduce risks, all while aligning services impeccably with client needs. Learn to articulate your competitive edge with clarity, fostering a unique and compelling business presence. We’ll guide you through targeted approaches to identify and engage your ideal audience, ensuring that your business resonates with relevance and impact. This is not just about theories but emphasizes practical, impactful strategies and methodologies that pave the way for sustainable success and continuous improvement. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your approach, refine your strategies, and propel your business towards new pinnacles of success.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the Core Concepts: Gain a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts such as value proposition, capability, and competitive differentiation.
Strategic Planning and Execution: Learn effective strategies for meticulous planning and execution to enhance business practices in accounting and bookkeeping.
Target Audience Engagement: Discover targeted approaches to identify, engage, and resonate with the ideal audience, ensuring business relevance and impact.
Practical Application: Acquire actionable tactics and methodologies that emphasize practical application, leading to sustainable success and continuous improvement in business practices.


Speaker: Gurdeep Singh, Business Development Manager

Gurdeep is a charismatic and enthusiastic individual with a strong work ethic, energetic mindset to always be learning, and highly adaptable in a dynamic environment. With over 7 years of experience in account management, customer/clientele services, inbound and outbound sales, strategic development, fund accounting and full cycle accounting, he understands how to articulate the value of products and services to a high degree.

In his spare time, you can find Gurdeep hiking, playing board games and sports, travelling and volunteering within the community.