Lin James, CPB, Secretary

Lin worked in public and private sector positions before starting her own business in 1994 where she has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge of a variety of industries and businesses. This variety keeps her on her toes, always finding solutions to various situations and/or customer needs — "I love it!". Lin is proud to display her CPB designation and would like to see it more widely recognized, identified, and sought after by bookkeepers, business owners and accountants.

"A good bookkeeper needs to be current with tax legislation, business reporting requirements and knowledgeable about the process. It is not enough to say you are a bookkeeper, you need to prove it to the world and be proud. You need to be constantly educating yourself to be relevant and current. As bookkeepers, we are privy to some very private aspects of our customers’ lives which requires a great deal of trust and a confidentiality bond which we should never take for granted. We need to have the difficult conversations without emotion or blame. We are a part of their team."

Lin hopes to share her experience and knowledge with the board so that CPB Canada can continue to be the largest growing bookkeeping association in Canada and the primary “go to” resource for professional bookkeepers and anyone looking to hire a great bookkeeper.


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