Meet Our 2020-2021 Candidate for the Board Of Directors

Teresa Slack, CPB

Teresa (Terri) Slack offers clients the benefit of over 33 years of experience. She is not only knowledgeable in bookkeeping, but in accounting and system set up, business management, sales and marketing, customer service, staff training, policy and procedure, forecasting, staff leadership and mentorship. Teresa has a passion for Shopify and Amazon Accounting and loves to help business owners and the accounting professionals that love them solve their Shopify and Amazon Accounting headaches. E-Commerce Bookkeeping is complex, Teresa teaches how to make it easier! With such a well-rounded business skill set, Teresa can help clients with more than just their bookkeeping but can consult on their business operation as a whole. Teresa is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper and a proud member of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network. She is a speaker at many accounting conferences and does training webinars to help the accounting community as a whole. She is a trainer for Mark Wickersham's Value Price Academy and a member of Pure Bookkeeping. Teresa has a passion for helping our accounting community to become more successful and to raise awareness of the value of professional bookkeepers.

Teresa's volunteer work includes the Start Up Canada - Financial Literacy Seminars, Women on the Move - Financial Literacy for female entrepreneurs, Futurepreneurs - Financial Literacy for young entrepreneurs, CPB Canada - volunteer at conference and on 2 committees.

Education/Professional Designations

Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB), Mohawk College - Business Administration, Customer Service Fellow and Life Management Institute

Specialized expertise relevant to the role of the CPB Canada Director

Specialized expertise, communication, negotiation, 33 years of accounting and business management experience, and experience serving on a Program Advisory committee.

Up to 4 competencies the candidate felt would benefit the CPB Canada board

I feel that my years of experience and my background working as part of a management team for a large organization have positioned me well to add value to the board. My excellent communication and negotiation skills, and my passion for finding solutions that satisfy everyone's goals will also be a benefit when serving on the board. I have lead many teams of individuals and understand the importance of working towards to common good for the business. My presentation skills and public speaking experience will benefit the board as I truly enjoy speaking to groups of people and I have the ability to create excitement and to help others see the value in what we do.

Passion is a key driver when it comes to being a CPB Canada leader, ambassador, and effective advocate for the bookkeeping community. Tell us a little bit about your passion for CPB Canada

I truly believe that bookkeepers change lives. We save businesses and help business owners put food on the table and a roof over their family’s heads. We help business owners to make sound financial choices that help them to grow a more successful business. We relieve their stress and help them to sleep better at night knowing that their business finances are in order! Many bookkeepers just don't understand their value and because of that they are charging low prices and working crazy hours for clients that just don't understand and value the incredible work that bookkeepers do. I want to change that! I feel every bookkeeper in Canada should be a member of CPB Canada so that they can get the support, education and resources to help them to build and grow a thriving bookkeeping business. I very much want to add my voice as to how to we can raise the perceived value of professional bookkeeping across Canada so that business owners know and understand why they should hire only professional bookkeepers. CPB Canada advocates for all bookkeepers and I know all bookkeepers would benefit from joining this amazing organization!

What are your personal dreams or aspirations that could be enhanced by service on our board?

I want to leave a legacy that has helped bookkeepers everywhere to reach their goals and run their business in a way that creates balance and financial success. If I can help other bookkeepers to create the business of their dreams then I will be happy and satisfied that I have made a difference for someone in our industry.

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